Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend!  My son's first birthday party on Saturday, then Mother's Day at home and dinner at mom's house.  I am so lucky.  I got to spend the whole weekend with family and friends!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  We ended up staying home yesterday because my oldest was complaining about her stomach for the third day in a row.  Then my mom came over at two and we spent just over six hours studying for the accounting exam we have tomorrow night.  Yes, my mom and I are both working towards our accounting degrees at the same time.  We are cool! :) 

Actually, it's pretty cool taking classes with my mom.  She and I have become pretty good friends over the last few years since I became a mother myself.  She still takes the mom role, ALL the time, lol.  And it isn't so fun explaining why I am not going to be in class to my mother.  She cares, my instructors don't.  For example, I have a migraine today (that started last night) and I just text her to ask her to take good notes for me since I'm not going to our Leadership class.  I try to stay holed up when I have them to give my head as much rest from noise and light as possible or they just get worse.

So with that note, I'm actually going to lay back down and try to get rid of this stupid headache.

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