Monday, May 31, 2010

Common Sense... not so Common

It is enlightening how one person's idiocy can continue to surprise me time and time again.  I am referring to my girls' dad.  This was his scheduled weekend to spend time with them.  He showed up Friday at 6:00pm just like he is supposed to.  However, he did not get the child safety seat he was supposed to.  I had reminded him (for the nth time) our youngest daughter was not heavy enough to be safely and legally in a booster seat and that he needed to get a 5 point child safety seat.  Then, when I refused to let her go with him, he was irate.  And apparently it never occurred to him to go down the street to my local large unnamed store to pick one up so he could come back to get her as it is now Monday morning of a holiday weekend and he has not.  I honestly half expected, half hoped, he would forget that he is allowed the extra day when his visit falls on a holiday weekend and bring my oldest back last night.  No such luck.  Although, she called me last night because she missed us and just wanted to talk to me.  I was heartbroken to hear how sad she was.  My youngest daughter didn't sleep well last night and I'm wondering if it is because she misses her big sister.  She has been quite upset in the past when she had to go to bed earlier than her big sis because she didn't want to go to bed alone.

On a school note, I have a research paper and a couple of other assignments to finish today.  Plus this week I have some major studying to do for my final exams next week.  I am so thankful God brought AdvoCare into my life!  It has been such a savior.  I honestly don't know how I would have stayed awake without it.

Until next time! :D

P.s.  I exercised the other day for nearly an hour.  Wow, I forgot how good it feels. :)

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