Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My 1st Blog

So this will be a first for me, a public record of my weight loss journey with AdvoCare. I have been on product off and on for a year and a half and have seen the off and on weight loss. I have experienced how amazing I feel while on product and the phenomenal energy I tap into as well. AdvoCare is rapidly becoming a household name so I thought I would start sharing the experiences I have with this amazing company.

I am not going to back track my successes with AdvoCare, instead I will start from scratch as if today were day one for me. Well, maybe a little back track since step one is the herbal cleanse that I've already completed. This was my first cleanse with AdvoCare since I was pregnant when I first started on product. The cleanse itself (and a few selected products) are not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing.

My 1st experience with the AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse was not an unpleasant one. Most expect a harsh experience during a body cleanse because either a) they've had a nasty experience, or b) they've been told about a nasty experience. I followed the supplement plan to the letter and had no complications. I made a few extra trips to the bathroom the first couple of days but it wasn't necessary for me to run to the bathroom for those extra trips.

My first day back on product I was amazed at how much I had missed being on product. The overall great feeling and the energy while taking my vitamins were definitely missed. I also noticed a significant increase in the "great feeling" and the energy.

So I am currently on day seven of the MNS Max E packets. I am also taking Catalyst in the mornings. And of course, I take my morning vitamins with a Spark. :) Spark is my favorite part of the morning! Before the cleanse, I noticed I would need Thermo in the mornings as well and then another Spark and Thermo in the afternoon so I didn't fall asleep on my drive home from work or fall asleep in class.

I won't go into detail on my life or circumstances in this post, but little by little you will get to know me :)

I am off to class now. Have a Spark-a-rific day!

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