Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunshine in a Cloudy Life

The sun may just be starting to decide to peek it's beautiful face around the edge of the clouds that have recently smothered my life recently.  Prospect of a job that pays well, a little financial help for the next few months, and my kids are all healthy.  Could big changes be on the way?  Full speed ahead!

I cheated with the scale today.  I decided a few months ago that I would only weigh in on the first Saturday of each month.  My curiosity got the best of me today though.  I am happy to say another pound has flown off. :)

I also exercised this morning for the first time in forever!  I feel good today, but tomorrow I may be a little sore.  I definitely used muscles this morning that I don't typically use.  My exercise goal is to work through a video twice per week.  When that becomes easy, then I will add a day until I am working through a video every day of the week (regardless of length as long as I make it from start to finish).

Well, time for more homework.  Maybe the distance learning site will be back up and I can upload my homework assignment.

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