Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taken by Surprise

So much for thinking I am just uber out of shape.  Looks like I was already feeling the effects of the slight case of the flu I am coming down with.  I am taking a break from my vitamins today (my stomach is yelling at me about all the water I have to drink with them).  It was all I could do to take my migraine prescription and some ibuprofen last night before bed.  I was so exhausted and body sore when 9:00 rolled around last night, even after I drank a Spark at 4:00pm.  I am glad we got out from accounting class last night at 7:00pm instead of 8:50pm.  Typically, a 4pm Spark will keep me up until 11pm perfectly awake.  Not yesterday.  I am feeling better today (after more than 8 hours of sleep), but I'm still not 100%.

Come to find out yesterday (the reason I ended my post **to be continued**), Desi was actually cleaning her room yesterday.  She was so proud of her accomplishment she wanted me to come take a look.  After praising her for her clean room, I finished vacuuming in there (the main reason she was told to pick up her toys).

I spent the next few hours working on homework until the boyfriend came over so I could leave to pick up my oldest, then swing by the bank on my way to drop her off at home so I could go to class last night.

I have one amazing boyfriend.  Poor guy is sick and is still willing to come over and watch my kids for me (remember, ages 1, 4, and 6) so I can go to class for 3 hours.

Well, time for more homework.  Until next post.  Maybe I will have exercised by the time I post again.  A habit I desperately need to get back into.

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