Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will the unemployed road ever end?

I am getting frustrated that I cannot find a full time job.  It has been nearly two months since I lost my job.  I cannot count the number of resumes I have sent out nor the number of applications I have filled out.  I picked up a temp position last Monday that is a LONG way from home that promised to be full time with a decent hourly wage (still not where I need it to be).  I worked a whopping 3.75 hrs last week, then another 7 yesterday.  I probably won't have anymore hours this week.  I dropped two classes this term (significantly cutting down my financial aid award) because this job was promised as full time.  Summer term started yesterday and I have one online class the first half of the term and one on-campus class the second half.  I just pray that things turn around quickly.  I am quickly running out of Spark (scary thought!).  Those early mornings I actually do work are going to be uber rough without it if I can't get some income to replace my supply!

Off to send out more resumes (I've already sent out two this morning), until next time.