Monday, July 26, 2010

Playcare has Launched!

I never thought I would see the day my dream was realized (well at least it's starting to be realized). I have started watching my first daycare child. I am meeting with two families this week who each have two children and hopefully one of them will ultimately choose me to care for their kids!

I am hoping my dad doesn't sell his house this year. He said if he doesn't sell it by the end of August, he will take it off the market until the end of the school year. I will hopefully be in a position to buy his house next year with my boyfriend. The room in the "garage" (turned into a master bedroom years ago) would make a perfect play room for my daycare kids! And the backyard is phenomenal!

I am actually excited! One year to freedom (so to speak)! My boyfriend and I have actually talked about how we can expand the house to add on a "daycare" to the back of the house. After we do that we could use the "garage" as a family room, or maybe turn it back into a garage so he has a space to work on cars and store his tools.

Oh so many things I could do with my dad's house if we do get the opportunity to buy it. It would be perfect for everyone involved. I would have to do some major cleaning to get all the cigarette smoke smell out of the house before we moved in.

Off to work on daycare stuff.

P.S. Thank you AdvoCare! My Saturdays and Sundays with my daycare baby would feel so much longer and exhausting without Spark!

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