Thursday, March 10, 2011

Herbal Cleanse - Day 10

I'm so excited!!!!!!! I've cheated quite a bit on the scale this week (only once on measuring) and I can't wait to share my final results tomorrow after the official weigh/measure in! This herbal cleanse has sure been a blessing. I'm more determined than ever to 'go for the gold'.

I recently (as in yesterday) joined the Pound for Pound Challenge hosted by Biggest Loser. I'm a huge fan of the show! It is such an inspiration to me when I see how much success these people have! Most of them have more weight to lose than I do, so to see them hit their goals is so amazing! Sorry, I just realized how many exclamations I'm using, but I'm seriously that excited and pumped up about this stuff, lol. Anyways, the PfP Challenge is donating a pound of food ($0.11) to your local food bank of choice for every pound you pledge to lose! You can pledge up to 50 at this point because the deadline is May 31st. When the promotion started you could have pledged 100, but there isn't enough time now to lose 100 pounds in a healthy way and Biggest Loser is ALL about becoming healthy. They ran this promotion last season too so I'm hoping they will do it again next season so I can pledge again because I have about 100 pounds to lose. How awesome is that to be able to donate food (at no personal expense) while you're getting healthy! If you don't have any weight to lose, there is an option to 'maintain your weight' which is the equivalent of 5 pounds of food.

I've been doing okay on the eating, I'm really struggling at keeping my calorie count down while making sure to at least hit minimum of fat and protein. Carbs don't seem to be a problem. At this point the only thing I can think of is to eat more lettuce and more eggs. Lettuce as a no calorie filler so I feel fuller and eggs for my protein and fat (as long as I eat the yolk too). I just worry that I'm going to get burnt out on 'salad' and start grazing on other foods when I get hungry. Speaking of, I should start planning my next snack so I don't get tempted to graze when I get hungry. I need to make a trip to the produce market because I'm out of fresh veggies. Ooh, I'm thinking frozen veggie mix with a side of orange slices (fresh orange of course, not the candied kind). And an egg white? Doesn't sound like it tastes good together....

I could have a baked potato with tuna, egg white, broccoli, and fat free feta again. I've noticed I don't eat a whole lot of fruits because I'm afraid of all the carbs that go with them. I know fruits are essential, BUT they aren't exactly a great weight LOSS food. They're more of a weight maintenance food. I had to explain that concept last night to my oldest. We had burritos last night and she was confused why I wasn't having a tortilla and instead was having my 'burrito' in a bowl with lots of lettuce (ie, a salad). I told her that tortilla shells have a lot of carbohydrates which are great for maintaining a healthy weight but are not good for losing weight. I told her the carbohydrates in there are very important because they give her brain the energy it needs to think and learn. She noticed I wasn't having any colby cheese either. So we talked about the amount of calories and fat in the cheese that are, again, not good for weight loss, but good for maintaining weight. Then we went on to talk about the rest of the foods (burritos were buffet style) on the table. We talked about which foods had protein (beans, chicken, and cheese) and which had the most. We also talked about fiber (beans, lettuce, and tomatoes) and a couple other nutrients we were getting in that meal.

During dinner conversation I mentioned to Aaron (my bf) how much I really wanted to just grab one of the tortillas (which were sitting next to me so I could help the girls with them). He dared me, "Grab one." So I tentatively reached for one and he says to Belle (who is sitting next to me, he is sitting across from me), "Get her." Belle tickled my side and then he says to me, "That's how we help you."  Later, as I was pulling up an episode of Biggest Loser he says to me, "You really like that show don't you. Because it inspires you." I love him.

Anyways, TTFN! Kids will be up from nap soon and then Belle will be home from school so I need to get my strength training in for the day! :)

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