Friday, June 3, 2011

5k Your Way - Week 1 Day 2

Yesterday I did the Day 2 workout for my 5k Your Way. I was able to go out to the track at Belle's school (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend). The first jog was rough. I think I just went too fast though because the second jog was 'easy'. The third and fourth seemed to fly by! I felt I could go a few more rounds but I was worried my feet would disagree with me since I was wearing brand new shoes.

I picked up new tennis shoes yesterday because I needed comfy black shoes for work and I figured I'd get something that would double as exercise shoes! :D Boy am I glad I did! My feet are NOT sore today! WOOT! Now to find my exercise clothes so I'm not wearing a random tank top and sweats to go exercise. Nothing worse than worrying about bra straps falling down or draw strings not being tight enough when you're focusing on burning through a workout!

Also, I found a workout buddy on and we are going to start walking together Sunday evenings (thanks again to my awesome boyfriend)! :D Well, to be honest, she found me. :) Also, she's working through the same 5k program I am! Too perfect! She's a couple weeks ahead of me though. We're going to meet up tonight to see if I can keep up with her (just by walking fast). If I can, we're going to exercise Monday eves too. Have I mentioned I have an awesomely supportive boyfriend? I love him :)

Added bonus, thanks to all this exercising, I've been so alert the last couple of mornings it's awesome! Add some Spark to my morning and I'm so energized!!!! I am getting quite a bit done around the house lately (compared to what I've done the last few weeks). I also feel much happier. I've been really down and out the last several weeks. I'm so glad I made the decision to get back into this! A few more weeks of making this exercise thing a habit and then I will work on our pantry. :) Then we're gonna see BIG results!

I am going to try and hold out on weighing myself until I absolutely have to for my next upcoming challenge starting the 13th. Let's see if I can go ten days without weighing/measuring in. I cheated this morning and weighed myself (after having just weighed myself Wednesday) and I've gained some ounces. I am hoping it is just muscle. I did measure myself since I haven't measured since March. Even though I only gained about 3 pounds in the last month and some, I did gain several inches. So it looks like I lost muscle and gained fat. No bueno :(  BUT, we're changing that now! Baby steps and this will get done!

Okay, enough rambling on for now. Time to get some housework done and get my house back under control!

God Bless!

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