Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Wake-Up Day 2

Well, it's "End of Month" at my honey's work so he had to go in an hour early. In order for me to be back here with the kids before he left I would have had to get up at 4am. Not an option. 5am was early enough. So, I didn't get up early for a walk today. So I'm going to do the 10 minute kickboxing video and do some strength training on my arms today. Later, if it's nice enough (sad to say that considering it IS summer!), the kids and I got permission to spend bus fare and go to the park. We've been home-bound since Aaron's car broke down on the 20th. We're lucky we had a second vehicle though. Even if we ARE spending twice as much on gas now :(

On the flip side, the kids woke me up at 9am. Unlike Monday, I wasn't grumpy AND I wasn't sore/exhausted. I think this 5am thing may work out, as long as the kids let me work out on my 'off' days. I think I am going to change how I am doing this. My initial thought was to get up at 5am M-F to go for a walk or do my 5kyw. Since the 5kyw recommends you "follow these training workouts any three days of the week, ideally with a rest day or cross-training day between each workout" and one day during the week you do NO exercise. So I'm thinking Saturday will be my rest day since I get up at 5am to go to work and don't get home until after 8pm. Then Sunday, I think I will do some strength training in the morning before work. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be my 5kyw days, then Tuesday and Thursday will either be rest or cross-training days depending on how I feel. If I do too much too soon, I could end up with an injury, so it's better to allow for rest days if needed.

I was reading a few pages in my book ("The Biggest Loser Fitness Program") and I had an epiphany while reading an exert (sp?) that was talking about a "Goal Outfit". This epiphany knocked me upside my head and I thought to myself, "It isn't a matter of WANTING to eat the right kind of foods. It's a matter of HAVING to eat the right kinds of foods." That is IF I want to lose this fat suit. Because if I don't, this weight is not going to come off. So enough of me indulging in sugary and gooey foods. The time has come for me to take charge and eat foods that are going to help my body become healthy, not foods that are going to satisfy (sometimes) a taste craving. It's time to be creative and find healthy ways to satisfy those cravings.

Okay, enough chatting. Time to get off my butt and get moving. I need to eat breakfast and then I'm going to do my strength training and cardio video.

Until next time....

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