Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would you have fizzled too?

I guess it was bound to happen. I fizzled and spent yesterday doing absolutely NOTHING. Let me tell you about my weekend and then see if you would have fizzled too....

Put in my normal workout for Spring Bootcamp and did some light housework. As soon as Aaron got home I left to go meet up with Sarah from SparkPeople.com. The original plan was that I was going to walk with her while she did her walk/jog training (she is also working through the same 5k your way that I am, just a few weeks ahead of me). She'd claimed a fast walker could probably keep up with her because she jogged so slowly (she doesn't jog as slow as she thinks, lol). Well, I tried to jog with her and ended up walking. But by that point my shin splints were on fire. When her second jog came around I tried to walk fast enough to keep up, but it just wasn't working. So, she was kind enough to just walk with me. We ended up walking Fanno Creek Trail from Denney Rd all the way down past Scholl's Ferry Rd into Woodard City Park in Tigard and back. Total miles? 7.2! Took us about two hours to walk it.

Saturday: (temperature neared 90)
I got up at 5:00am to go to work. Got to work about 6:15am. Work was very busy for such a hot day. I guess people wanted to take advantage of no rain. I walked to Subway for lunch, ate a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki with olives, American cheese, lettuce, extra tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet onion sauce. Then walked (uphill) back to work. Proceeded to work my tail off until after we closed the store (7:15pm). On a positive note, I did drink about 100 ounces of water. Did I mention there is no air conditioning at work? Nor are there any fans. The only a/c I saw was when I was helping to check in the trucks and sat in the driver's seat checking the mileage and the gas (I work at UHaul). I subsequently crashed when I got home.

I got up at 7:00am to go to work. Got to work about 8:20am. We were pretty busy that day as well. Had quite a few walk in rentals (which usually take longer) and had to solve a few problems. BUT, I got to leave at noon so I could go celebrate Desirae's 5th birthday with my family. I left work and met up with my boyfriend and the kids at Fred Meyer to have some sandwiches for lunch and to pick up meat, fixins, and the cake for the barbecue birthday party we were having at my mom's house. By the time we got back home from the store to get dressed and get the kids ready (sunscreen and bathing suits) we were running late. I wanted to be to my mom's house no later than 2:30pm but we didn't get there until a few minutes before 3:00pm (the start time I'd set for the party) so I was very stressed. Then it was time to get the food cooking. My mom was awesome and decorated the patio so nicely! Desi had wanted a sort of hula theme so my mom put up decorations of palm trees, bamboo, and the like. Plus, my step sister had brought their kiddie pool and had already set it up. I added water balloons to the mix. We found out (while trying to clean up the kids) the dye in the frosting on Desirae's cupcakes stained pretty well. Then the kids had fun playing two rounds of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Desirae won the first round and then my sister's second to youngest (two years old) won the second round. All in all, even though nothing went according to plan, Desirae had a blast. And that is really what is important, the kids had fun.

So, now that I gave you a rundown on my super busy weekend, being as out of shape as I am, would you have fizzled come Monday morning? It was all I could do yesterday to get Larabelle off to school on time in the morning. After my boyfriend got home yesterday I did end up taking the girls to the grocery store to get some much needed groceries. We'd run out of food money and we were on the bare minimums and out of a lot of things (including milk). Two birthday parties in May really killed our food budget.

Today I was back on track (sorta). I still didn't do much in the way of really paying attention to what I ate. And it seemed I have had an insatiable appetite today. I just can't seem to get full yet I feel stuffed. I did 30 minutes of cardio though. And my snack rocked it! I had a salad consisting of iceburg lettuce, yellow and orange bell peppers, tomatoes, 2 ounces tuna, 2 ounces shredded colby cheese, and 10 squirts of my ranch dressing spritzer.

Okay, I've been fighting a headache while trying to get this blog out so now I'm going to go lay down.

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