Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Official!

I'm so excited! I am officially a member at 24 Hour Fitness again! I love my boyfriend. He gave me the green light as long as I could rearrange some of the things I pay for (mostly fun stuff, not necessities) out of my salary so the membership will not affect our ability to pay our necessary bills (aka, rent, electricity, car...). He said I can have the membership so long as I keep going. If I stop going, he's canceling my membership. Understandable.

I started my 7 day free pass Monday night and have gone every night thus far this week. I have really missed going to the gym and having ME time. I worry about going out by myself to some random place either super early in the morning or really late at night to go for a walk/run. I feel much safer working out with someplace to go. Plus, Aaron will always know where I'm supposed to be. After school starts back up I will be able to go to some of the classes (as long as I'm not working) during the day because I will just have Eli to worry about care for. One kid is so much more affordable to find care for than three!

There are a lot of changes coming in September. Aaron's hours will be changing (which mean mine will too) just for starters. Although, with both of the girls being in school, it will definitely open up my schedule to be able to work during the week. I need to figure out my work schedule and possibly getting a second job (somewhere open 24 hours). This is probably boring to you, but writing it down helps me sort out my ideas and writing this down also helps me remember my brainstorming ideas :) Even if my random thoughts make sense, lol.

I had my first workout as an official member tonight. I only made it an hour on the treadmill tonight, my legs started to get wobbly so I decided to call it good for the night. I killed my legs on the weight machines again though :) Plus, I did a little arm work. I haven't used my shoulder sling all day today, hadn't taken any advil, only took one pain pill after running a couple errands so I figured I could work my muscles a little bit. I was very gentle, and went very slow paying close attention to my injured shoulder so I could stop if it started hurting.

I see great things for this Tuesday's weigh in and it is still four days away :) Anyhow, it's late and I'm tired. Time for bed.

God Bless!!

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