Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, I have to admit. Even though I worked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I enjoyed my weekend! It was crazy busy on Saturday. Not as bad Sunday. Monday was UBER slow! Everyone was either busy enjoying their 4th of July festivities and/or thought we were closed.

After work Monday (I picked up some extra hours since my hunny had the day off, so I got to pick when I got off work), I headed straight home to have dinner and get the kids ready. A friend of mine invited us along to see the fireworks at Cascade Locks. Funny enough, we got there before she did! She thought I was going to be at least 30 minutes later than I was so she was planning on leaving a little later than originally planned. It was nice to just go and hang out, to be able to enjoy each other's company without any time constraints or expectations. When my friend got to the park she called me and we all went over to where her sister and her family had already set up 'camp'.

The kids had fun being able to run around and play with other kids. Belle even knew one of them from her old school. When it got dark I broke out the glow bracelets and all the kids had a renewed sense of fun to have. They had a variety of ideas ranging from drumsticks to swords. I even played along looping a pair over the top of my ears. I was very fashionable with my earrings. Until my son joined in and needed his bracelets, lol.

The fireworks started shortly after. They were AWESOME! This was Eli's first show of fireworks, he was completely mesmerized cuddling with his Daddy (my bf). Desi pretended to be afraid of the noise. Belle oohed and awed right along with me.

Afterwards I made a mental list of things to bring along with us next year. That list consisted of the following:
  1. Tarp to lay underneath the blanket, the grass was a bit soggy and I ended up with wet knees and a wet booty.
  2. Flashlight to find missing shoes, to make sure we've grabbed everything, and to find our way back through the park to the street we parked on.
  3. Bubbles, and lots of them. This park doesn't allow for private fireworks. Works for me! Much cheaper!
  4. Spark! I forgot my Spark at home :'( thus I was very tired driving home.
We finally walked through the front door a few minutes after midnight. Desi walked straight into her bedroom, sat on her bed to take her sweater and shoes off, then promptly rolled over and went to sleep. Eli didn't put up his normal fight to lay down, instead he laid down very willingly and went to sleep. Belle actually got her pajamas on and brushed her teeth before plopping into bed.

I was grateful to be able to sleep in a little the next morning.

Tuesday night I promised the kids we could do our fireworks since we weren't allowed to at the park. So as soon as it was nightfall we got our sweaters on and made our way out to our apartment parking lot. Thankfully I made sure to not get loud fireworks. Just really bright and pretty ones :) We alternated between Pop-Its, Sparklers, and some ground fireworks Aaron and I took turns lighting. This was also Eli's first experience with fireworks. He got the hang of the pop-its very fast and did quite well with them. I foresee him touching the flame on the end of a sparkler here in the next couple of years. I barely caught his hand when he tried to touch it this year. He got a kick out of waving the sparkler around. I did save a few sparklers and a box of pop-its for New Years though. :)

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