Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, I was doing really well following my 6 Week Body Makeover plan, and then someone brought in pizza. And it was just sitting there! Taunting me! I remembered I have been a little under on calories and fat lately so I though I would be okay to have a slice and I wouldn't be going over my target ranges on SparkPeople. I would have been. That is, until I came home to find that my well meaning boyfriend (who ordered my absolute favorite kind of pizza and side) had ordered pizza and breadsticks! I was 'good' though. I had a slice of taco pizza, a slice of pineapple and sausage, then just one of the texas toast style breadsticks. And of course, you HAVE to have soda with pizza (or at least I do anyways) so I had only half a can of Barq's Root Beer (the only kind I drink) that happened to be hiding in the bottom drawer of the fridge. I hid them on purpose, out of sight, out of mind! If they sit on the shelves in the fridge they taunt me until I drink them! So, today started out as a great nutrition day only to fail completely. I have yet to track all the pizza so I don't exactly know where my calories lay for the day. Alas, I am pooped so I'm going to bed and I will find out tomorrow.

Also, I am noticing that the activity part in this 100 Days Challenge is usually challenging you to do something that day, so I'm going to start journaling my entries in the mornings so I will have a chance to implement them that day.

On the flip side, I'm soooo soooo soooo happy that my hunny got his car running yesterday! Yippee! We have two vehicles again! Now I can be more active with the kids during the week instead of sitting at home with the computer chair tempting my butt to fuse with it! I will be spending some time in front of the computer tomorrow getting caught up on tracking my food and also setting up some things to go do with the kids this week and next week. I am part of a few groups on, so time to check out what they're up to! :) And time to get my fitness on! I foresee a looong walk in the kids and my very near future :) Most likely it will be in a park setting :D Now if only the rain will let up, it is summer after all. This summer has been pretty dreary. We've only had a few hot days up here.

Okay enough rambling, time for sleep.
God Bless.

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