Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Excited!

Hehe! So I cheated on the scale yesterday and then again today :) Even though I've gained weight during this injury, going to the gym this week and straightening out my eating a little has totally turned it around! I'm not going to spoil the official weigh in for Tuesday but it's safe to say you can expect to see some positive results! I can't wait to find out how many calories I burn at work on a light day, I will upload the data from my BodyBugg tomorrow. :) I have been taking it easy at work and only working at the counter because of my arm.

Speaking of... I am happy to announce I have about 95% of my arm function back! Still taking it easy though. I'm done with my anti-inflammatory prescription and haven't taken any pain meds since Thursday, and I only took 1 that day! :)

Anyways, time to finish my breakfast and get my lunch ready for work.
God Bless!

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