Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Weigh-In

Well, weigh-in day is here and this weekend hurt. Stupid pizza. When will I learn? Well, at least I'm only up ounces and not pounds! This week's number is an even 219. I just realized that I haven't been posting my weight in here even though I've been tracking it on SparkPeople.com. I will start doing that more regularly.

I got my 100 Days Weight Loss Challenge book today :) Mailman supposedly tried to deliver it yesterday (got a notice in my mailbox). I was home all day and never once heard anyone knock on the door. I am wondering if he rang the doorbell and then walked away when nobody answered. Our apartment has a doorbell ringer outside, yet it isn't hooked up to anything. Would be nice if we had one that worked :) Oh well, I can usually hear when someone knocks. Not like our other apartment when the only time I could hear the door was when we were in the front part of the apartment. Now, the only place I can't hear someone knocking is when I'm in the bathroom, our light switch also turns on the fan and it's uber loud.

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